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" The blackened salmon salad was outrageous".

"Great food , terrific atmosphere"."Food service was excellent !!"

" Nice theme and fine food and service". 

" Very nice all around"

"Always a pleasure!"

            Tavern on the Plaza Trivia Night

Quiz Night / Thursday nights  from 7.00 p.m.
(reservations are strongly recommended)

The Quiz is $5 per person with all money being split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams
(1st = 60%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 15% approx. values)
The quiz lasts, approximately, 90 minutes and consists of four rounds of 10 questions.
In rounds 1 and 2 each question has three possible answers, one of which is the answer that the proctor is looking for.

In round 3 you have to come up with the answer all by yourself.

In these three rounds, Question 10 is a multiple part question worth a maximum of four points, there are no choices given for this question.

The fourth round is a picture round. These questions are handed out at the start of the quiz and are to be handed in with the answers to round 3.

After each round, the answers are collected from all teams and scores and standings are given out, as well as the answers to that round. This gives everyone an idea of how they are doing compared to other teams.

To keep everyone on their toes, and to keep the quiz competitive up to the very last minute, we finish the quiz with a Final Question. 

With the Final Question, everyone has already received their score and has heard what score the leading team has. Based on this information, and how confident you are of your answer, you can bet none, some, or all of your points on the Final question.

On more than one occasion, the team that has been trailing in last place has actually turned it around on the Final Question and won the whole Quiz. 

In the event of a tie, a tie break question is asked.
A team name is required at the top of  each of your answer sheets
No cell phones, smart phones, laptops or personal computers are allowed
If you know the answer then write it down, do not shout it out.
5 minute time limit to complete your answers and hand them in.
Quizmaster's decision is final.


4 The Plaza Locust Valley, NY 11560
TEL: 516-676-5793
Open Daily from 12 noon to 12am
Sunday Brunch 12 - 4pm  


The Tavern on The Plaza, Locust Valley is a small, cozy tavern situated in Locust Valley Shoppers Plaza, right by Locust Valley Railroad Station. It's welcoming ambience is ideal for a leisurely lunch, comforting dinner or relaxing drink at the bar. Tavern on the Plaza features a wide variety of delicious dishes on our lunch and dinner menu, including Tavern on the Plaza's fabulous Fish and Chips, Shepherd's Pie and locally supplied Hamburgers. Please click here to view Tavern on the Plaza's menu selections, including our Sunday Brunch menu.

Tavern on the Plaza is the local place for your Thursday Trivia Quiz Night.

 Reservations are definitely recommended to avoid disappointment.

The Tavern on the Plaza